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BIGSHOT SERIES is my first animated Web-series. Since I was a comedy filmmaker, I often work on idiotic stories and absurd short movies for cinema. In Greek « idiot » means « simple ». I recently decided to animate caustic short stories with tiny and cheeky characters coming from emblematic famous movies style, in a one shot scene : BIGSHOT.

My animated Pixel-art project is for me a new way to denounce human violence with simple silly situations and without dialogues. My approach was that BIGSHOT series could be showed everywhere, and specially at Festivals, Web Fest or on Internet with interactive bonus and gamings at the end of each episodes. 

Even it is the first time that I write and create completely for a Web TV Show, essential is always in my mind and never change : STORIES, CHARACTERS and COMEDY. My background is cinema but I always wanted to tell stories with also animated characters.

I am interested in filmmaking because stories, characters and comedies are wonderful ways to communicate my angers. I appreciate black humour and non-sense movies creation, because it permits me to denounce human hypocrisy, violence and foolishness about religious, political and non-ecologic attitudes.  
My inspirations are Bill Plympton, Monty Python, Terry Gilliam, Patar et Aubier, Alfred Hitchcock, Jacques Tati, 
Robert McKee, Osvaldo Cavandoli, Michel Ocelot, Andreas Hikade, Pes, Jeff Scher,…
For me, the great challenges in filmmaking is to tell stories of life with funny metaphors, but enough choking, horrible or surprising characters, to make think people about their acts on society, family, nature… 
My ambition is to imagine more seasons with other BIG characters, BIG historical situations, BIG ecologic revolution, and so on… I have so much ideas and screenplay to develop with my international concept, about contemporary positive philosophy of deglobalisation (for example) with more absurd metaphors, thanks to animation!
I want to develop this universal point of view about world’s big transmutations, perhaps to make change mentalities about very bad habitudes people have got, thanks to education!
Maurice Huvelin

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