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The world needs more effort toward mental health and stability. We all are somehow going through vulnerabilities and insecurities that affect our minds constantly, and these things need attention. But at the same time, we can not deny the fact that some people always portray fake facts to grab attention. Maurice Huvelin’s Tutopique #Company is a movie about how we need to deal with fake news and facts. 

Maurice Huvelin’s “Tutopique #company” conceptualize the fact of fake news and how it’s fooling us constantly. News is the source, through which we get to know about everything happening at any point in the world. But sometimes we got fooled by their fake information.

Loneliness is not true – Tutopique #Company which lasts for two minutes has illustrated an extremely important concept.  A piece of wrong information always misleads us. We believe what we see, but sometimes what is shown to us is not the actual truth.  Nowadays if we have to know any news we have so many options, every media competes to sell their news, as a result, they try to create hype to grab our attention. In the process of making the news spicier, somehow the real news got manipulated and sometimes it got brushed out totally. By news we learn about a fact, then it creates an impression in our mind but some people are trying to distribute their thoughts in our minds to fulfill their agenda. Maurice Huvelin has rendered this message through his movie.

In the movie, a woman is screaming, in another scene so many people are standing together. Every scene has its significance, which will help the audience to understand the real message of the story.  The movie not only showcased the concept of the worst side of media and news distributors but it shows how easily we react to all these facts without even analyzing their authenticity.  

Adopt some geeky or nerdy twins –  the world is full of good and bad people. They work according to their priorities. We have to choose what is our priority. Sometimes to end any wrong thing we do not have to fight with it, we just need to prioritize the right thing. The ending of the movie illustrated the idea beautifully. 

Maurice Huvelin through his movie Tutopique #Company has dragged our attention towards a burning concept. He proved that a good concept does not need a long stretched movie to serve its message to the audience. From the beginning, this movie will easily attract the viewer’s mind.

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As human beings, we always want thrill and excitement in our life. Life in a rhythm seems extremely boring to us. We always try to explore the unseen things, we try to learn things that are new to us. No matter how many things we get surrounded by, new things always give us pleasure. But sometimes we break many rules just to satisfy our ego. The desire to explore needs to be balanced with the urge to preserve. 

Maurice Huvelin’s “Tutopique #Spleen” embellished this concept wonderfully. The story gives us a lesson where we need to stop and value the things we have. 

SYNOPSIS:  the movie highlighted the concept of slowing down and taking a moment to learn the value of preserving our surroundings. The story beautifully conceptualizes that moving forward does not mean destroying the things we left behind. 

Conspiracy theory of boredom – in the opening scene, we are gonna see that the leading character is pointing out the beneficial side of boredom. We mostly find that boredom is like immobility, where we lose the balance to make pace with the rest of the world. We never want to get frozen out, because we have learned that taking a break can delay our results. we have to learn, we have to grow, we have to finish the race, no matter at what cost. We accepted the fact that taking a rest is boring. 

Boredom is good – throughout this evolution, we got so involved, we find all this pause and resume process extremely lethargic. The movie made us realize that sometimes sitting on a chair, or taking a nap on a sunny day does not mean we got blocked, in the most sarcastic way. 

It’s good like writing a haiku –  in a scene the lead character suggests that boredom is flat as the earth. This signifies that our perception of boredom needs to be re-conceptualized. The movie also pointed out that boredom is as good as writing “haiku”- a short poem. Sometimes we feel clueless and aimless, and our mind makes us feel that these feelings are invalid, as we have to be active and goal-oriented every time. Our society always forces us to stick with the work and result process. But this movie pointed out that if we will take a break, and if in this process we lose little pace with the world, it is okay. 

ANALYSIS: Maurice Huvelin is the author, creator and director of the movie. He has shown his supreme talent through this movie. The movie lasted less than three minutes but served a great message that blew my mind completely. With every single scene, the movie tried to specify the importance of leisure. Showcasing such a deep message with sarcasm, again proved the versatility of Maurice Huvelin. 

The whole movie has carried out a strong concept with satire light entertainment, that will surely tug the audience to it. Whether in the very first scene, a man is shown sitting and taking a rest, getting locked in a box, or in the atomic blast scene, every scene has its significance that will leave a strong impression in the audience’s mind. Very few movie can entertain the audience with comedy, and give a life lesson with their storyline, Maurice Huvelin’s “Tutopique #Spleen” has left a mark in this genre. 

I must say this movie has highlighted the struggle of the current time, where people are just following society, the leaders in the name of progress. Of course, progress is important, but we need to be careful about what is going on around us. If we find anything wrong we have to stop, and take steps against it, some people will judge us, but we have to raise our voice for the right things. If we have to stop our journey for a while to help others, we should do it, no matter how boring or aimless it may seem to others. 

This movie is a must-watch, for the people who love to learn and get entertained at the same time. Lastly, I can say, take a break, and watch this movie to understand the value of taking a break, because by this way we will learn what is wrong and what is right. 

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